• Original Score

    Original Score

    We work with professional musicians and producers in the composition of original music for films, radio and television. We adapt to the needs of your project: sound alike / original score / audio concepts

  • Field Recording
  • Spots


    When in need of promoting your product/service on radio, television or internet, Floating Point offers you over 10 years experience in advertising. We adapt to your idea and create a unique and personal concept… what ever your project needs.

  • Voice Catalog

    Voice Catalog

    Catalogo de voces profesionales

  • Surround 5.1

    Surround 5.1

    If your projects are directed toward movie cinemas or a multichannel space, we have the technology and the experience to achieve an all sourround mix of the highest quality.

  • Sound Design

    Sound Design

    We will design an exclusive sound concept for cinema, TV or any mobile platform. We get involved from the start: management, pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Mixing


    The mix is as important as the recording. A great mix can take your music to the next level. Our engineers will put to good use all of their experience and attention to details to make sure your music has the space and depth that you expect.

  • Mastering


    The mastering is the last step previous to the assembling of a record. It is a process that is composed of talent, experience and an acoustically controlled surrounding. Our engineers work with a mix of analogue and digital equipment to achieve the best possible sound.

  • Jingles


    Every great product can be identified by a great sound theme. We help you create a musical theme than will be clearly identifiable by your target audience.

  • Facilities and Equipment

    Facilities and Equipment

    All of ours studios are acoustically conditioned to fully take advantage of our space. Visit the photo gallery to see our facilities and get a look at our list of equipment.

  • About Us

    About Us

    Floating Point is a music/sound production and post-production platform based in Guadalajara. Our objective is to provide quality services in the area of production and post-production of music and sound for audiovisual media, as well as to generate intellectual property for its commercialization together with musical artists. The best thing would be for you to […]

  • Radio Production

    Radio Production

    We have at your disposal more than 10 years experience in radio production. It doesn’t matter whether its commercial or corporative radio, we help you generate the concept, liners and programming of your media idea.

Floating Point Studios

Floating Point is a music/sound production and post production platform based on Guadalajara, that offers a wide range of creative solutions for every type of audiovisual projects. Explore our site and listen to our work.

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Voice Catalog

Voice Catalog

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